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Share Anything, Or Everything

Share Anything, Or Everything

Download AddMe. apple.co/2Mzrc5G Dubbed the Snapchat "Snapcode" for "everything other social media platform." AddMe is an award winning, mobile application designed to bridge the gap between face to face interaction between people for the first time, and future communication over digital channels. AddMe uses patent-pending proprietary QR codes to allow users to share profiles based on what types of contact and social media information they would desire to share. AddMe then uses third party API integration to automatically create a contact on the user's device, and follow them on applicable social media platforms, all with no manual input needed from the user. In a recent nationwide survey, more than 9 out of 10 college respondents would download and use AddMe. Patent Pending.

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Technical Co-Founder @ AddMe, Software Engineer, UI / UX Expert. AddMe is the world's easiest way to share your digital presence.

Chad Dennis

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Founder of VC-backed AddMe. Currently, Market Ops at @Lime (e-scooters). Formerly at @Lyft in Phoenix.