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Jevon Yeoh

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Dual degree in CS and Finance from UPenn. Primary language is Java with experience in Python.

John D'Alessandro

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Enterprise software sales professional turned Technical Recruiter!

Daniel Bookstaber

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Building Addepar from the ground up - Sales, Data Engineering, Operations and COO. Previously did quant trading for 8 years at hedge funds.

Margaret Bragg

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Business Recruiter at Addepar.

Lydia Barnes

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Patricia Gael

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I write product documentation, training materials, UI text, and other collateral. And now I'm excited to be helping to grow Addepar's Product Content team!

Peter O'Brien

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Helping Addepar, a Silicon Valley based technology firm transform the world of finance

Derek Huelsman

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Casey Juanxi Li

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Wharton BSc. 2015, Stats concentration, Math minor. Deployments at Addepar. Affinity for interesting and messy human problems, happy to dig into the numbers.

Jordan Smith

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Daniel Tobin

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Worked at Addepar, Paranoid. Experience with Architect, Amazon Web Services, Budgeting. Went to University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University

Camille Hayden

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Developing efficient processes for people management.

Moneil Patel

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Board members and advisors

Logan Allin

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Managing GP / Founder of Fin VC

Bobby Yazdani

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Founder & Managing Partner, @Signatures Capital; @Dropbox, @Uber, @Klout, @Qwiki, @Cleversense, and many more. Founded @Saba; worked at @oracle-corporation.
Managing Partner, MS&AD Ventures. Early stage global investor focusing on deep tech and great teams. FinTech, InsurTech, AI, Health, IOT, and Cybersecurity.
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Former team

Brian Bentson

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Cyril Fluck

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Dénes Findrik

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Shea Brittain

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Paolo Padiernos

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Michael O'Keeffe

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