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A burn-free microwave oven

A burn-free microwave oven

The product is a microwave oven that is better at cooking the frozen areas of food without overcooking the other areas. This may save the user minutes of time each use, since the required “standing time” for desired temperature equilibration should be less. For a fixed standing/cooling time, our microwave oven reduces burning of both food corners and of the user's mouth and throat. The world market for microwave ovens is probably several billion USD. It is commoditized, as the existing IP presently addressing this problem, to rotate the food, has long since expired. A PCT patent application describing and claiming the novel microwave oven has been filed, allowing the possibility of an international monopoly. A royalty rate of 3% @ 50% adoption yields a potential value of ~$1,300M. We anticipate ~70% penetration. The 50% is a projected revenue-weighted average over patent terms. *If you think we are being too optimistic, please call us to explain why before leaving here.*

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