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65% of young people, when asked what they’re most worried about, say that it’s school. 42% of them say it’s their future. Why? Because the school environment in the UK is in crisis. Teachers are leaving the profession every year, and funding cuts have meant that careers services have been axed. Due to the severe teacher shortage, the Guardian this year reported that “most secondary schools are using teachers not qualified in their subject.” This at a time when qualifications are key and a degree is the passport that a GCSE used to be. We asked 30,000 students what would make a difference to them, and solve their academic problem most effectively, and 89% said that what they needed was a really great plan. But, despite this burning need, 81% say they’ve never been able to actually make a plan that works for them. Why? Because the way they plan is outdated. Inflexible. And they’ve never been taught how to do it. So we decided to do it for them. Why us? Well, on a personal level, we're fun. We're a small group of incredibly passionate friends, fully supported by a great bunch of angel investors who back us both financially and as people, and we love working, talking and solving problems. We don't work on Fridays, and we take team trips abroad each year; this year was Lisbon, next year (we hope) it'll be San Fran! On a business level- and this sounds a bit braggy, but it's such an important factor in joining a startup- our Product-Market Fit is off the charts. We've grown a waitlist of 50,000 students since August, 17,000 of whom have also joined our closed Beta, and we've also built an insanely engaged Instagram community of Ambassadors who promote our product for us purely because they believe in it. We were the winners of CVC's Young Innovator Award 2019, and we're partnering with Oxford University for three pilots in 2020. This is a company with real buzz about it, at the very beginning of an insanely exciting journey. We'd love you to join us.
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React Native Engineer

Our CTO, William, has built the entire Beta app from scratch in less than two months. He's a machine, but he's only one man, and he needs support.