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Custom Apparel for Greek Life

Student Opportunity - Adam Block Design Brand Ambassador

$0k – $10k • No equity
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In 2008, Adam Block Design was started in a dorm room with the idea that Greek clothing should be more than just letters and clip-art on a shirt, and that each piece should be original, creative, and awesome! Since then, we have continued to push the boundaries of Greek design on campuses across the country! Loving Greek apparel isn’t a prerequisite for this job, but it helps!

The main role of a Brand Ambassador is to promote the ABD brand on campus, educate potential customers about our services, help connect us with members of your community who need custom items, and earn money for all of your hard work. The people you refer earn discounts on all orders just by providing your name and your earn money if they go through with the order.

If you love marketing, social media, graphic design, or are just looking for something to take you out of your comfort zone, we have the job for you. This position is remote and manageable with various class schedules. Many of the activities can be worked into things you're already doing during the day like engaging on Instagram, creating content and networking with people in the community. Great ambassadors use social media to get the word out and are always finding new ways to connect with people in their community.

As a BA, you will:
Impress future employers with real networking and marketing experience
Meet new people at your campus, make connections, and build your network
Get paid for work you can do between classes
Set your own office hours: Work on campus or off-campus, on vacation or in the library—no uniforms, schedule, or silly hats

We are actively hiring for the 2019-2020 school year and would love to talk to you about what we have going on. If you have any questions about our company or the position, please email our Recruitment Manager Emily Patterson at emily@adamblockdesign.com. :)