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Product Analyst

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This position requires you to follow up closely with the Data Science and Marketing team to find out what features of our current products are being consumed.

The person should be able to:

a) Design an hypothesis experiments on the products/features - to identify if we picked up the wrong target market or whether the features are not good enough for that segment

b) The pain points are not being addressed - the product should solve the pain points. The rest of the features are just vitamin pills.

Prior experience as a Business Analyst is a must. The person should be able to write user stories with an added emphasis on Acceptance test cases.

If the person has a good mix of statistics and a digital marketing experience is an added bonus. An undergraduate in Computer Science with prior programming would be excellent, if not should be able to dissect any problems into smaller logical units.

With these skills, this person can independantly design marketing experiments, crunch production data and add insights, tune the product as needed. Team work is necessary - should be able to colloborate with all the teams to get the features added to the backlog and at the same time to ensure they are eventually pushed to production. Should be persistent and be able to negotiate the timelines with all the teams.

He or she can then add new features, edit/alter the current ones' plus eventually be the Product Manager, lay out the product road map.

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