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A document automation, delivery and management powerhouse

A document automation, delivery and management powerhouse

Actual Reports is a complete data-driven document management, electronic workflow and document automation solution for businesses using different SaaS solutions. We put your data on the drivers seat and help it find its way into all types of different documents. With a few mouse clicks, you have created a template, filled it with data and chosen the delivery method of the final document. Now you can just sit back and track its life cycle right from the app. We also provide a document generation and reporting tool for software vendors that eases the creation of any kind of PDF and HTML documents regardless of the programming language, letting your client design their own templates for invoices, reports and other outputs that you provide in your application. We provide an embeddable browser based editor and a RESTful API for merging the templates with data from your software.

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A communication professional with 10+ years of experience working with corporates and startups alike.

Tanel Tähepõld

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Founder Actual Reports