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Self-learning conversational AI

Self-learning conversational AI

Acobot boosts eCommerce sales by helping visitors shop, answering their questions and guiding them to checkout, with a human touch. Acobot works out of the box. It learns from the e-commerce websites by itself and gets ready to work in minutes.

Acobot’s AI Built Another AI that Outperforms Human Made Chatbot

AI Wins Again: Acobot Beats Live Chat Agent in Sales Lead Generation

Acobot's AI Chatbot Captures 19,151 Sales Leads in 150 Days for eLearning Provider Skyfi Labs

eCommerce Business Gets 30% More Sales Using AI Chatbot & Reveals the Secret in a New Book

Vic Duan

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Continuous entrepreneur • Founded Transco (now part of Welocaize), Acosys and Acobot • Studied at @Beihang University