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Bringing patients and healthcare teams together, when anyone in a GP practice to text a patient




Louise Hughes

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Experience in creating and delivering Internal/Direct recruitment strategies as well as managing a recruitment agency with specialisms in IT, Data & Digital.

l webb

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Office Manager at accuRx

Vicky Firth

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User Operations Specialist at accuRx - bringing patients and their healthcare teams together

Daniel Cole

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Head of Operations at accuRx

Alan Flinton

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Kulsuma Uddin

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Executive Assistant at accuRx

Ben Spiro

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Growth Lead at accuRx, We're hiring!

Anne Hoagland

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User Operations Specialist at accuRx. We're hiring!

Vivek Mathew

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Clinical Lead at accuRx

Lorna Flynn

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Head of User Research at accuRx 👩‍⚕️ (we're hiring!)

Jafar Miles

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Junior Software Engineer working for AccuRx

Calum Eadie

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Benjamin Osborne

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VP Engineering at accuRx

Board members and advisors

Jacob Haddad

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Co-founder of AccuRx - bringing patients and their healthcare teams together
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Former team

Lydia van Hamel-Parsons

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