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Bringing patients and healthcare teams together, when anyone in a GP practice to text a patient


Values, Are what we do, not what we say, so Jacob and Laurence didn’t sit around and dream these up.

At our 2018 summer retreat, everyone (7 of us at the time) sat down and wrote down a list of *'reasons we work well together'* and '*reasons I like coming to work'.* 150+ post-it-notes later we clustered these reasons into the groups below.

#1. On a mission

Everything we do should contribute to making patients healthier, staff happier and health systems more efficient.
For example, we focus on unmet need and avoid building things that other companies have already built.

#2. Always collaborating

We optimise for team success over individual success. Everyone’s problems are my problems
For example, everyone spends one morning a month on customer support. This helps us all understand what our users need

#3. Relentless improvement (KAIZEN)

We’re always iterating to make things better: culture, processes, products... When things don't work out as planned, we learn from it. These improvements are everyone's responsibility, from the day they join.
For example, every two weeks we reflect as a whole team on what has and hasn’t gone well, and put in place improvements to address these

#4. Proud ownership

We take pride in our work, individually and as a team, and act responsibly, even when nobody is watching.
For example, every two weeks we demo what we’ve been working on to the rest of the team.

#5. Stay healthy and happy

We know that we do our best work when we're also happy outside of work
For example, we don’t have a ‘long hours’ culture and trust our team to work hard and deliver. Lots of us go for a run in the middle of the day.

Perks and benefits

Share options

Every single employee gets share options, we want everyone to know they've got a stake in what we're building and we share our success.

28 days holiday + bank holidays !!

Having a founder as a previous masterchef contestant has its benefits!

We provide free breakfast and lunch everyday. Sometimes we order food in, other days our lunch is cooked for us by someone in the team. Wednesday we commit to all sitting down together as a team to eat lunch :)

Keep active - body and mind

Everyone gets a £500 wellness bonus to spend on any hobbies or interested that keep you healthy! We believe balance is key to productivity. You can also get involved in team runs or participate in weekly yoga sessions in the office.

On your bike!

We've got secure bike racks and provide regular bike maintenance clinics. We also offer a tax-efficient cycle-to-work scheme which no longer has a £1,000 limit.