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HIPAA Compliance Made Easy. (Techstars Austin)

HIPAA Compliance Made Easy. (Techstars Austin)

Accountable is a platform designed to help organizations manage HIPAA compliance. Our software as a service provides all of the necessary tools and resources to maintain compliance, not just for doctors and hospitals, but for all organizations that are now required to be HIPAA compliant under the new regulations. From policies & procedures to risk assessments and employee training, Accountable covers everything that companies need to become and stay compliant.

Having Accountable's support enables users to spend less time creating policies, procedures and documentation while also tracking compliance.

Legislation passed in 2013 greatly expanded the reach of HIPAA, necessitating compliance for not only hospitals and doctor’s offices, but more generally, any organization that touches or exchanges protected health information.The result of the newest generation of HIPAA related regulations, is a number of firms previously not subject to HIPAA requirements now seeking to become compliant.
CEO and Co-Founder of @Accountable. @Baylor University MBA. @Techstars Austin.
Co-Founder @Accountable. JD/MBA Baylor University 2007

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