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Intelligent fleet management for drones/robots using AI

Intelligent fleet management for drones/robots using AI

Accelerated Dynamics is developing an artificially intelligent control system that manages fleets of drones and, most importantly, is platform agnostic. Our highly intuitive UI enables anyone to create complex missions with just a single click. No more technical expertise required. Our system will fly the drone from start to finish, navigate, adapt to things in the environment and make decisions on its own. All behind the scenes, managed by state of the art software based on multi-agent and reinforcement learning technologies. Accelerated Dynamics solves this with software that enables decision making capability not only for a single drone but for the whole fleet. Drone technology has been limited to military use but it is so much broader than that. Our software will enable humanitarian relief, border control and security services to do their jobs more effectively.

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Mantas Gribulis

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MSc Robotics at King's College London. Founder at Accelerated Dynamics. I care about building the technology that matters.