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Acast powers the hottest podcast creators

Acast powers the hottest podcast creators

Acast is a global podcast platform that provides premium hosting, distribution and monetization. Acast’s app and web service provides on-demand audio content enhanced by additional interactive media and links. Headquartered in Stockholm and founded by Karl Rosander and Måns Ulvestam, Acast first launched in Sweden in April 2014, opened a London office in October 2014, and entered the US market in November 2015. Available for iOS and Android, the service currently serves 50 million streams per month. The platform enables producers to host podcasts for free and monetize them via its ad-supported platform. Acast features podcasts from media houses like The Financial Times, BuzzFeed, The Economist, SKY, TV4, Londonist, and Fusion to name a few.

Lucy Gould

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Recruiting at @scede-staffing for Truecaller and Mag Interactive. Used to work for Amazon and LBi

Sandra Molin

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My focus is on creative content that provides an exciting new experience. I set strategies and create projects that can be scaled over all verticals.
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