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UX Researcher (Freelance)

$125k – $150k • No equity
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Academy is looking for a freelance UX Researcher to work on a variety of projects.

The ideal candidate will be using tools/techniques to identify customer usability pain points, working with cross-functional teams to execute defined use cases, extracting usability insights, conducting stakeholder interviews, leading usability tests in design sprints, delivering customer usability reports, post-launch measurement, and developing action driven recommendations with project managers to cross-functional leaders.

Academy was founded on the principle that bringing UX & Design Thinking into organizations can transform their products, services, and strategies and can build a better world around us. We have a strong belief that everyone can be creative we just need to be taught how. According to a 2015 study, over the past 10 years, design-led companies have outperformed the S&P 500 by an extraordinary 211%. This struck a chord with Academy and our mission became clear that we needed to consult and train organizations on how to apply Design Thinking principles to help transform their products, services, and strategies for the better. We do so by implementing modern Design Thinking tools like Design Sprints, which provide a framework for teams to design, prototype and test their ideas in 5 days. We leave teams with the tools they need to carry on this type of work even when we are not around.


Conduct user research, focus groups, and usability prototyping.

Minimum qualifications:
BA/BS degree in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science, Experimental Psychology, Anthropology, Information Science or related field, or equivalent practical experience.
5 years of relevant work experience in an applied research setting, including experience with user research, product designs, design practices, and focus groups.

Preferred qualifications:
5 years relevant work experience in an operational or enterprise environment.
Research experience in enterprise/business software, developer tools, IT, or other complex software systems.
Experience with analytics products for survey design, prototyping, and usability.
Good working knowledge of quantitative research and the principles of experimental design with portfolio examples to prove it.
Strong understanding of the strengths and shortcomings of different research methods, including when and how to apply them during each product phase.
Excellent interpersonal, communication, negotiation and collaboration skills.

Please submit your resumes' to jobs@academyux.com

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