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Abridge helps people stay on top of their health, one conversation at a time

Abridge helps people stay on top of their health, one conversation at a time

At Abridge, we’re driven by our mission to bring understanding and follow-through to every medical conversation. Our culture is founded on empathy, sincerity, and the belief that a small group of highly passionate individuals can dramatically improve health care outcomes for everyone. Within our team, we place a high premium on continuing to learn. Whether it’s holding company-wide deep dives into different topics, riding the bleeding edge of machine learning research and presenting at conferences, or learning from our users, we prioritize sharing our learnings across the team and beyond. Abridgers come from a diverse set of backgrounds, including academia, the medical field, design firms, big tech companies, and startups. We believe our diversity of perspectives enables us to think outside of stodgy conventions to create a world where we can bring compassion and confidence to every step of a person’s health journey. Abridge is an equal opportunity employer. Diversity and inclusion is at the core of what we do. We actively welcome applicants from all backgrounds (including but not limited to race, gender, educational background, and sexual orientation).

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Co-founder/CTO @Abridge • Worked at @UPMC Enterprises • Studied Robotics/ML at @Carnegie Mellon University
from prod management -> corp VC -> now starting something new at intersection of voice + healthcare. sidegig = cardiologist.