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m-commerce platform for farmers and buyers

m-commerce platform for farmers and buyers

It's called "Mobile crop collection" or in short it's "MCC".
It's an android application there we connect Farmers with real buyers where farmers get good prices for their grains and Buyers get quality grains for their agro production units. Buyers and farmers will be connected with us so there won't be any middlemenship and even small farmers will be benefited from it cause they don't get good prices for their farm products and forced to sell it to middlemen who pockets maximum profit.
Farmers who don't have android phones will have toll free services. We will have outlets in districts so that farmers can visit us anytime for their queries.
Millions of farmers will be benefited as they will get the best market price and Farming Tips from the Farming experts.

Farmers will be benefited from our venture as they will get good price for their grains and will be freed from the middle men

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