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Digital clothes

Digital clothes

We're using deep learning to build a computer vision technology that will allow us to instantly and infinitely change what people are wearing in pictures. Apologies for being a bit vague but we're trying not to talk too broadly about what we're doing for now; happy to talk about it more live.
Couple other quick notes:
-This is a swing-for-fences idea and impact with real technology
-The 3 founders are 1/ a serial entrepreneur with multiple 10-digit exits / valuations, 2/ early Uber GM (built from 0 to $500m rev run-rate) and PM (created product line that comprised 50% of Uber’s global trips), and 3/ a world-leading expert in deep learning for computer vision
-The most important hires are an entrepreneurial designer and hungry computer vision students / recent grads
-Raised $5M in seed funding from top-tier VCs and angels

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Entrepeneur. Uber China founding team and GM. Active angel investor and former VC.