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Send or forward ANY email to Post@Abovo42.com

Send or forward ANY email to Post@Abovo42.com

Abovo42.com is the Inbox of the Internet. So, what is Abovo42… • Outrageously Simple Email Sharing on the Public Internet • Send/forward an email from ANY device, ANY email client • Ridiculously simple sharing of your email post on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn • Save/Archive your email in the cloud forever • Email commenting • Advanced privacy options • No signup or registration required. Just send/forward your first email to Post@Abovo42.com. • It's free! (i.e. Total Cost = $0.00) The technology is always 100% free to consumers and will utilize a paid-advertising and sponsorship business model similar to Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Chad Mathias

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Technologist, music lover, sports enthusiast

Sean Fenlon

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42 [+9] ABOVO/Meta42 Founder, musician, husband, father, online marketing veteran, seeker of inspiration. Star Wars geek. Doctorate in Music. GOOG & FB admirer.
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