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shu chen

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I'm a full-stack JavaScript Engineer. Built apps with React, Node and Postgres, MongoDB. Spent 100 hours a week building my recent game application.

Abhijit Shandilya

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Seeking SDE-I or similar level software engineering roles Full stack developer. Java, Javascript, React, Node, AWS, CSS, HTML.
Recruiting Coordinator at Amne looking to add talented rock stars to our team.

Ritika Gopal

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Worked at the White House.
I am very interested in using stats and machine-learning to find useful insights in data using supervised and unsupervised machine learning.

Sophie ONeill-Latulippe

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Product Design @Abodewell // Integrated Design @Parsons, Design Consultant @Italia Innovation and @Lef, Research Fellow @India China Institute
PhD Engineer; Strengths in data mining/analysis, machine learning and computational modeling.

Sicily Bua

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Peter Scamman

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Full stack engineer at a young startup called Amne Inc. I've gained a wealth of varied knowledge in my role and am now willing to specialize.

Milan Kodali

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Product @ Abodewell. Formerly APM Intern @ Google, Engineering Intern @ Fiat Chrysler, MechE & CS @ UT Austin.

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