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Mortgage Banker

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Abodewell Mortgage's mission is to be a complete financing solution for our customers. Mortgage Bankers will help us create and implement a world-class mortgage program. Unique to a role at Abodewell, you will also collaborate with the Product team in developing exciting new financing options for our customers. Our upcoming "All Cash Offer" program will extend to mortgage-underwritten customers.

You will:
* Generate financial profiles of clients through interviews and document collection
* Evaluate a broad range of mortgage options, loan programs, and affordable financing plans
* Create and recommend customized mortgage plans to clients
* Ensure a high level of client experiences with regular communication throughout the entire loan process
* Oversee the mortgage pipeline in an accurate and timely manner
* Share potential compliance issues or risks and implement adherence to procedures

You should have:
* A self-starter mindset and the drive to meet and surpass goals 
* Demonstrated excellence in a fast-paced, production-driven environment
* Strong communication skills and the ability to build relationships with clients in-person, over the phone/text, and through e-mail
* 1+ years in mortgage industry with high fluency in industry tools
* Strong grasp of technology 

* Experience managing your own independent office
* Experience managing an office of a corporate mortgage entity
* Experience building a mortgage office up from the ground
* Demonstration of understanding what compliance and regulations need to be kept up with in the mortgage space