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Opening up Financial Assets to the Public

IOS developer/ Co-founder

$20k – $40k • 2.5% – 17.5%
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A-Bank is a startup that is now seeking new young members to with an entrepreneurial spirit to join the company's focus in transforming traditional finance to be more integrated with modern technology, this includes big data, data analytics and advanced algorithms. Our first milestone is to effectively connect financial planners with new investors and provide a marketplace to place financial assets. Unlike most startups we have an abundance in partnerships with financial firms and know a wide range of financial planners. Your role would be more tech orientated which would include:

- Embody development and API integration experience for at least 3+ years
-Have a strong desire to make a change (entrepreneurial spirit)
-Sound java skills (6+years experience, other languages will also be taken into account)
-Have experience in IOS development (you must have a project done previously to prove this experience)
-Have the ability to work under the pressure of deadlines (critical)
-Located in Sydney
-Have a basic understanding of Agile development
- Understand the role of a CTO
-Be an on-time team player, available when needed for most of 2019

English is the primary way of communication between all team members, those whose native tongue is chinese are very much welcomed as a chinese language version of the apps are to be developed along with the primary english version.

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Opening up Financial Assets to the Public

A-bank focuses on Finance Technology. Their company has offices in Pyrmont. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://ach-au.com

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