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Robby: A Better Calendar Powered by an A.I. Assistant

Robby: A Better Calendar Powered by an A.I. Assistant

Hypecal is the Event Hub: hypecal.com

Hypecal gather all kind of events published on the web to make them easy to find in a mobile app.
The product: Margaret, an event search engine, a customizable secretary app that learns from your tastes and tells you if something around you is made for you.
Margaret is the Foursquare for events + AI algorith.

Events are very complex they are composed of independent factors such as date, place, price, people and categories that make them hard to promote.
Hypecal is at the initiative of ESS: essfeed.org, an open-source XML feed standard dedicated to describe events.
ESS is a standard that unified the way events are published on the web to broadcast them easily. More than 10,000 providers use ESS, we work with event software editors to make it wildly used.
Hypecal.com aggregates and validate those feeds in real-time.

The monetization is made by selling tickets and event info to businesses looking for local, social and real-time info

Brice Pissard

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CEO of Robby. A Better Calendar Powered by an AI Assistant. Strong background in the IT. Previously CTO of @Teleneo, 1st Dev @1stdibs, Lead Dev @Lydia-app

Gabriel Shpilt

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Founder Hypecal
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