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Location-Based Microwork

Location-Based Microwork

LookSEA is an easy to use, distributed microtask mobile application. Need someone to find out how long at a nightclub line is? Use LookSea to find someone near the club to check before you go. Need parking? Use LookSea to scout a spot for you. Each LookSea is bounty-driven.

LookSEA's free mobile app organizes and distributes location-based microwork

LookSEA helps change the world by breaking down big goals into microtasks. Many businesses easily spend a chunk of their budgets doing work easily converted to microtasks: data entry, neighborhood canvassing, and data collection. LookSEA can supercharge any organizations by easily organizing people via mobile phone to do this work.

Kim Grant

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Founder @looksee • Studied at @California State University, Long Beach. Inventor, Founder of V. Syndicate

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