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A next generation communication tool

A next generation communication tool

We are solving two problems: 1. Problem with other communication tools: - All collaboration tools (Slack, Asana, Trello) fail in external communication and are only useful for internal team collaboration. We intend to change that by making Comtify as email client. So it becomes the first communication tool which is scalable both for inter and intra-company communication. - No collaboration tool has a single-user utility. The above feature (email client) will enable Comtify to let a single user use it, without the necessity of inviting his team. 2. Problem of too many tools A number of different tools are used in one particular organization: bug tracking tool, task management tool, email client, knowledge sharing, file sharing, chatting, CRMs etc. We intend to combine all these functions into a single page of Comtify. Benefit: cost saved, effort duplication saved.

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Pranav Mishra

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Co-Founder-COMTIFY -Building the first tool that works for both inter and intra company communication and work management.
Building the next generation communication tool - a first unified communication tool that works both intra & inter-companies. Contact @ abhishek@comtify.com
Solving for green and smart mobility. Ex - @Shuttl , @Times Internet , founder @Comtify , @Vegistix Reach me @918447363077