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We see a huge opportunity to shake up the debt capital markets with technology. That’s why we quit our jobs to start 9fin. We can’t promise the large bonuses offered by banks. Instead, what we offer is huge amounts of responsibility, a steep learning curve, freedom and trust in your judgement. Curious to know more? Shoot us a message. The Hiring Process The hiring process at 9fin is 3 stages. The same for both business and engineering hires. 1) Initial phone/video chat. This is a first meeting, where there is the chance for us to explain the role and answer any initial questions you may have. We’ll also explain in detail the rest of the hiring process. If you decide you want to proceed, after this step, we’ll send the take home exercise to you. 2) First half of this interview will be reviewing the take home task with you, and asking questions about it. The second part will follow a typical interview setting with a focus on exploring your suitability for the role you’re applying for. 3) Finally, an interview with the founder you have not yet met. While we are still able to, we like to give every candidate the chance to meet and talk with both founders. A session more about you personally, and also we like to leave a good amount of time for your questions here.
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Software Engineer (Backend)

Posted 5 months ago
  • Prior experience in the full-time role of Software Engineer
  • Can effectively plan and reason about your software, understanding where it fits into the 9fin systems and the business

Leveraged Loan / Distressed Reporter

9fin's market leading technology uses AI to deliver breaking news more quickly than anyone else. We're now hiring a Reporter / Journalist to help build out our leveraged loans & distressed coverage.