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Founder of @99designs, Flippa, @SitePoint. 2012 Entrepreneur of the year (BRW Magazine)
Co-Founder @Hired @99designs, @SitePoint, @Flippa. Forbes 30 under 30 & Inc 30 under 30.


Jolene Chen

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Jessica Curzon-Roza

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Experienced Support Leader who creates an amazing user experience through empathy, research, advocating and effective solutions.

Aleks Witko

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Founder of Belvedere — Beautiful 3D visuals for savvy architects, marketers and developers.

Wes Romine

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Co-Founder @Hired @99designs, @SitePoint, @Flippa. Forbes 30 under 30 & Inc 30 under 30.

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Co-founder Proudly Represents, Silicon Canals. #1 influencer in Dutch ecosystem. Experienced marcom professional, startup mentor and aspiring business angel.

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Shruti Meshram

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Amanda Thompson

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Shimon Lazarov

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Lachlan Donald

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Brynna Geisler-Locke

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Matt Basham

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