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Carnegie Mellon Alumni investing in Carnegie Mellon Founders

Carnegie Mellon Alumni investing in Carnegie Mellon Founders

Each year Carnegie Mellon students, staff and professors launch 20 – 30 startups. Many of these spin-offs are based on industry leading intellectual property developed on campus. CMU Startups on Crunchbase: bit.ly/2nowN4F We believe companies with CMU technical DNA have an unfair advantage in the market.

The purpose of this group is to find the best of the best and share these investment opportunities with CMU Alumni (and select friends). Together we can all help these great entrepreneurs succeed and also share in their financial success.

What I look for:
1) Passionate, coachable founder(s) with deep empathy for customers. Lean, Focus, and Hustle.
2) Technology innovation rooted in next technology Epoch.
3) Large and growing addressable market or high-value problem. How does this get exponentially big?
4) Demonstrated early product traction.
4) Plausible "why now?" answer.

99 Tartans is independent of and not affiliated with the Carnegie Mellon University in any way.

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Robb Myer

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Cofounder @Gather AI, Partner @Comeback Capital, EIR @Carnegie Mellon University, Cofounder @Nowait, MBA @Carnegie Mellon University, BSEE @USF