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Customizable AI for Bond Traders and Investors

Customizable AI for Bond Traders and Investors

7 Chord's award-winning AI engine BondDroid empowers institutional bond traders and investors with predictive pricing and trading signals. Its unparalleled speed, precision and consistency turn even a small trading desk into an army. BondDroid is currently being used by some of the most sophisticated fixed income houses.

BondDroid is available as a hosted cloud solution or as a fully-customizable Signal-as-a-Service software package. When deployed client-side, it can extract pricing signals from a client's proprietary data without it ever leaving their corporate environment. Most of this valuable data is currently wasted.

BondDroid is one of the few AI engines that has been optimized for live trading. It consumes, normalizes and filters noise from data in near real-time, and is designed to maintain prediction accuracy across market regimes.
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