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6D is a software company building state of the art technology for AR developers. Spun out of the world-renowned Oxford Active Vision lab, our IP is state-of-the-art. We are backed by General Catalyst, and we have an engineering culture & our customers are technical.

We’re growing fast, this is the time to join us & play a role in shaping the future of how applications are built to operate in the real world.

Why are we a great place for engineers to work?
- You'll be working with world-class technical leadership and co-workers
- You’ll be stretched technically & learn fast
- You'll be working with state-of-the-art algorithms & bleeding edge research
- We are solving a difficult & important problem for future computing platforms
- We have an exclusive relationship with the Active Vision Lab at Oxford University. Arguably the best research lab in the world for 3D computer vision, this ensures we are current on the latest developments (if we don’t invent them ourselves)
- You can work in Oxford or SF (or split your time)
- We'll relocate qualified candidates & help with immigration to the US or UK
- You’ll be involved in learning nearly every aspect of how an early-stage startup grows & scales
- You can publish & present your research
- You can keep the (non-competitive) IP you develop on company resources in your own time. Personal side projects are welcome
- We are earning revenue from large, stable customers. We are self-sufficient and will only raise money to grow faster
- We expect to see our software on many millions of devices in the next 12-18 months, so your work will be used widely
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