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Community Manager

₹12,000 – ₹17,000
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The responsibilities of a Community Manager include:

1) Relationship Management: Maintaining a healthy work environment while engaging in building connection and partnerships within the community members to stimulate business collaborations

2)Addressing Member issues include
-> Checking for future needs and problem-solving
-> Ensuring Timely collection of payments for respective accounts

3) Onboarding new members into the community and making sure they have the experience they are looking for.

4) Customer Acquisition: Reach out to potential leads and explain to them about the community and space.

5) Data Maintenance: Making sure all the member data is updated in the database and ensuring lead data is updated in the CRM platform

6) Organize and manage events that focus on community building and engagement

7) Most importantly, have fun while doing all the above, because we believe that the vibe of the space is set by the community manager.