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Fantasy leagues with friends and other managers around the world

Software Developer

€30k – €50k • No equity
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We are a young venture funded startup located in Barcelona developing an application with millions of registered users, these are some of our stats:

With more than 1 million users, we are one of the most played fantasy sport games in Spain.

Fantasy games are manager games where you play the role of the coach but with a twist, your players will perform as good or as bad as they do in real life!

Our Office is located in the centric neighborhood of Gràcia, some of its characteristics:

✅ Access 24/7
✅ Showers
✅ Private bike/scooter parking
✅ Huge terrace that can be used during the weekends
✅ Free Coffee/Water/etc
✅ Many gyms around it
✅ Many nice places to eat

We are a small team so you can expect to have a huge impact on the company.

Let’s talk some tech!

Mister started with the typical PHP/MySQL monolith and it was able to serve thousands of users with a single server. But now those times are long gone.

For the last year we have been focused on pushing the technological stack further and after a lot of hard work this is what we currently have:

▶︎ Everything in the stack has redundancy.
▶︎ We are able to horizontally scale almost everything.
▶︎ We use the latest PHP version.
▶︎ Everything is monitored with Grafana/Prometheus/Loki and Sentry.
▶︎ Some parts have been rewritten in Go.
▶︎ Lots of code written with tests.
▶︎ Many deployments per day (With no downtime).
▶︎ Containers used to develop and deploy
▶︎ 9.9 of Uptime

Challenges ahead!

Our technical challenges are far from over, this is a list of things that we are about to do and that we hope you will be able to help us with:

▶︎ Improve our data pipelines.
▶︎ Reduce the time it takes to implement some features.
▶︎ Be able to manage larger amount of data (and do awesome stuff with it).
▶︎ Improve some of our scaling strategies.
▶︎ Improve the speed perception by modernizing our frontend.
▶︎ Prepare the project for a x4 growth.
▶︎ 9.99 Uptime

What we are looking for

We are looking for fullstack and backend/ops engineers, the only requirements:

▶︎ You consider yourself senior in any C style langauge (PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Perl, Javascript).
▶︎ You know your way around a unix terminal.

Useful skills to have

▶︎ Git/Github/Gitlab/Etc
▶︎ PHP
▶︎ MySQL
▶︎ CI
▶︎ CD
▶︎ Containers (Docker, K8s)
▶︎ AWS
▶︎ Basic Football knowledge


The range goes from 35K to 50K, depending the profile also have a stock options program