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A.I. Powered Travel Agency Automation



Felicia Schneiderhan

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Cofounder of 30SecondsToFly | Business Travel solved with Artificial Intelligence

Riccardo Vittoria

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CEO @30SecondsToFly, raised several million USD. Serial entrepreneur, mechanical engineer with focus in math optimization and machine learning. Fulbright alumni


Maarten Groeneveld

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Chief Operating Officer, reorganizing operations, sales, marketing, HR and Supply & Distribution technology improvements

David Braun

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Editor In Chief at 30SecondsToFly - B2B Travel Bot
Founder @firmcatalyst-gmbh-co-kg
Experienced engineer with a variety of skill sets on both software development, hardware development, and validation.

Thitisarn Radomkij

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Front-End developer
College writing professor specializing in professional/technical writing, editing, and digital media. Editor in Chief, 30SecondsToFly

Sonam Penjore

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Bhutan, Shinawatra International University CS, Google Anita Borg Scholar

Board members and advisors

norm rose

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Maurizio Liverani

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Education: - 1974 Doctor of Philosophy Electrical Eng. Stanford University - Stanford, CA (USA) Thesis: Cardiovascular monitoring in anesthesia: a new systolic time interval. - 1970 Master of Science Electrical Eng. Stanford University - Stanford, CA (U
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Former team

Mint Pattanan Ketthin

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Lucy Nguyen

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Wing Vasiksiri

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Jear Worrawut Worasirikamol

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Somyata Bhatia

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Charles Haynes

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