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We are the market leader for A.I. technology for TMCs, making history.

You'll love the team!
We are an international, extremely driven and hardworking team of A players. Big challenges motivate us and we are happiest when we are outside of our comfort zone. A steep learning curve is the only status quo acceptable to us—we are constantly playing around with new ideas and unconventional approaches.

You'll love the hustle!
We strongly believe in diversity. The 30SecondsToFly team is from all corners of the globe. We find strength in our differences because we connect through openness and mutual respect. Traveling is the key for us to form and find well rounded personalities that know to appreciate foreign cultures, backgrounds and viewpoints. Joining forces only makes us stronger.

You'll love the opportunity!
By joining 30SecondsToFly you'll be working in one of the breakthrough fields of technology. Artificial intelligence is evolving at lightening speed and 30SecondsToFly is one of the major forces bringing this cutting edge technology to the travel industry.

We are tapping into one of the largest markets in the world with a disruptive technology that will allow us to scale at an incredible speed! With us, you can be part of the A.I. revolution.

If your mind loves out-of-the-box strategies and you are obsessed with making processes immensely scalable, you will be a great fit for 30SecondsToFly.

We are looking forward to get to know you!
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Fundraising Intern

Posted 7 months ago

Education: - preferably a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Marketing, Engineering or Business. Position Description
: - Working closely with the CEO to actively support the raise of the next funding round (Series A) Duties and Responsibilities - Help to create materials and article to hook...