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Fundraising Intern

$0k – $5k
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- preferably a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Marketing, Engineering or Business.

Position Description
- Working closely with the CEO to actively support the raise of the next funding round (Series A)

Duties and Responsibilities
- Help to create materials and article to hook relevant investor's interest
- Help to research and define the best investor target pool
- Help to refine Discounted Cash Flow for exit strategies
- Help to create investor decks
- Help to refine sub-models in the company budget
- Help managing the investor pipeline

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
- Familiar with basic accounting and corporate finance
- Familiar with graphic tools (Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint, KeyNote)
- A master in spreadsheets
- Demonstrates the ability to think creatively.
- Is capable of conducting independent research

- Demonstrates strong organizational skills

What you get:
- A to Z knowledge of the fundraising process
- VC network
- Knowledge in A.I. and corporate travel

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Riccardo Vittoria

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CEO @30SecondsToFly, raised several million USD. Serial entrepreneur, mechanical engineer with focus in math optimization and machine learning. Fulbright alumni

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