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Head of Business Development

$50k – $120k • 0.15% – 0.7%
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Lead sales, business development and eventually part of finance of the main holding (US company).
As employee #21, but #2 in US, has a highly entrepreneurial mindset, capable of building and scaling the US team.

Education and Experience
• has a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Marketing, or Business.
• has 10+ years of experience in sales, or business development and should be able to demonstrate a successful record.
• is very tech-savvy
• is familiar with the supply structure in corporate travel
• is familiar with commonly used software by TMCs
• has a minimum of 3+ years of experience in corporate travel (please do not apply if you don’t know the industry in and out on a global level)
• has a fair network with travel management companies with more than 100M in annual transactional turnover (minimum requirement)
• has a fair network with mid-sized TMC globally
• has strong network online booking tools, online travel agencies and airlines.

Position Description

Is the main face of the company. Oversees daily sales activity, meets with major clients, speak in conferences, draws up sales reports, designs new and more effective sales and marketing strategies, works to market and promote company products and services, and work closely with finance for budgeting and fundraising.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
• Works with the CEO to drive the direction of the product and the company
• Works with the CMO to refine the inbound marketing strategies
• Works with the CFO to budget and fundraise
•Meets with existing clients to discuss company’s products and services.
•Works to foster lasting relationships with client base.

•Locates opportunities to expand client base.

•Networks with prospective clients to persuade them to bring their business to the company.

•Sets specific quarterly or annual sales goals.

•Oversees the activity of junior sales associates (2020).

•Draws up sales activity reports.

•Works to ensure sales and productivity goals are met.

•Presents information regarding clients and sales at company meetings.
•Devises new and innovative ways to market products and services.

•Attends major conferences.

•Assists in designing marketing and promotional materials

•Conducts independent research into target consumer base.

•Leads in-house seminars and workshops to help improve the effectiveness and productivity of the sales team.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

•Demonstrates detailed knowledge of the company’s products and services.
•Possesses knowledge of competitive products and markets.

•Exhibits strong interpersonal and customer service skills.
•Demonstrates the ability to think creatively.

•Exhibits awareness of best sales practices and methods

•Works well with a team.

•Demonstrates patience with reluctant or frustrated clients.

•Exhibits familiarity with MS suite, Slack, Gsuite, sales pipeline software
•Communicates clearly and effectively.

•Possesses strong persuasive abilities.

•Demonstrates solid motivational and leadership skills.

•Maintains a professional but confident and outgoing demeanor
•Is capable of conducting independent research.

•Demonstrates strong organizational skills.

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Riccardo Vittoria

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CEO @30SecondsToFly, raised several million USD. Serial entrepreneur, mechanical Engineer with focus in optimization and machine learning. Fulbright alumni

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