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A.I. Powered Travel Agency Automation

A.I. Powered Travel Agency Automation

Call center cost reduction for travel management companies + a superior customer experience for business travelers.

Our technology “Claire” is a corporate travel agent powered by artificial intelligence. She works alongside human travel agents and takes over their most repetitive tasks so that they can focus on their high touch customer interactions. Claire chats with travelers to book flights and hotels, while she learns their preferences and applies their travel policies. Claire is one of the first A.I. employees entering the digital workforce and brings an unprecedented level of self-service experience to travelers all around the world.

30SecondsToFly was awarded with the $100,000 General Catalyst Award for Travel Innovation 2019, recognised as the most innovative and disruptive emerging company in travel.
Watch our winning pitch here: youtube.com/watch?time_continue=156&v=DYEzUF0kx78&feature=emb_logo

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Felicia Schneiderhan

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Cofounder of 30SecondsToFly | Business Travel solved with Artificial Intelligence

Riccardo Vittoria

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CEO @30SecondsToFly, raised several million USD. Serial entrepreneur, mechanical engineer with focus in math optimization and machine learning. Fulbright alumni