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Still One Motion - So, Ride the Wave of Life

Still One Motion - So, Ride the Wave of Life

Pedi-Action Games shall be utilized to hit critical mass - perhaps exposing the latest technology devices, gadgets, premier shows movies, etc.

We like to broadcast a TV Game Show ... which is a brand new game titled "None Is Perfect." Using eight people per week to win prizes, much can be said why the Price Is Right was so successful simply by customers guessing the price of the display products. Our game is based on points accrued. The lowest total wins. We sort of look at it like a reality show similar to the WWE ... could carry interchangeable characters. 2B1 EntertainmenT LLC seeks working capitol to uproot the game.

Team membership could be required. Whether a team member or not, each person shall acknowledge the Game Rules Terms and Condition prior to participation. "None Is Perfect" gives a pool player an average aligned with their pool stroke play. This is no different than a golf game in many ways, and look how popular golf is?

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Band leader of "Maturation Sol" - Author of "Pedicab Hearsay" and creator of Pedi-Action Games feat. the billiards game "None Is Perfect" presented by 2B1E®

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