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Connecting Testing and Production Autonomously

Connecting Testing and Production Autonomously

21 is an engineering intelligence platform. It connects testing and production to analyze coverage, auto generate tests and optimize existing ones based on actual user flows. At its core 21 is an AI based autonomous testing engine that self creates tests, giving engineering teams exploratory and regression coverage within hours, and updates them autonomously to new builds. A code snippet add-on enriches production data, closing the feedback loop.

21 gives instant coverage and uncovers the data needed to decide when to release.

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Full-stack developer

Royi Haddad

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Founder & CTO @ Working AI. CTO @ Mobvill Games. Founder & CTO at TrustedService. Strong Technical skills (Full Stack, ML)

Shani Shoham

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Founder at @21 . Previously President @Testim. Entrepreneurial and hands-on CRO/COO with a track record of scaling technology companies to the next level.