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Healthcare API patform for applications to connect to EHR data in minutes.

Backend Engineer - JavaScript - Node.js

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*** tl;dr: 1upHealth is on a mission to liberate siloed healthcare data into an interoperable format that can be used to develop healthcare apps that make measurable improvements to population wellness. Our development platform puts the user first by giving them complete control over who has access to their data. We're looking to hire a mid-level or senior-level engineer who can release reliably secure server code in the short-term and who can grow into a technical leadership role in the the long-term.***

The healthcare industry has come a long way since the the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was passed in 2009. The Meaningful Use section of this bill, includes rules to incentivize healthcare providers (eg. doctors, hospitals, etc) to transition to maintaining digital health care records that are interoperable with other healthcare systems. Many years later, the healthcare IT market is nearing the tipping point by which data-driven care is the new norm and the patient themself will be in control of their own data.

An an example, imagine that there's a patient who talks to their doctor about issues with sleep. The patient has been already using a sleep tracking device and app, but even though that sleep data would be invaluable for the doctor to have available, there have been significant hurdles in the past that would have prevented the patient from being able to make that data available to healthcare providers. To do this today, without 1upHealth, the app developer would need to manually integrate with a long-tail of health networks. This work would be further complicated by the sensitive nature of healthcare data and the necessity of complying with HIPAA.

1upHealth health offers a development platform that makes it extremely easy for developers to create healthcare apps that connect to users' electronic healthcare records, regardless of what health network they are in. This is made possible by nascent FHIR standard, which is becoming the new norm for storing and retrieving EHR data. The 1upHealth platform can be used to build both patient-facing and provider-facing apps.

As a company we are still early-stage, but we've managed to generate momentum and excitement around what we're doing. Hundreds of developers are already building on our API platform, we're well-funded, and we are always expanding our offerings and streamlining the developer experience.

We are looking for candidates with the following qualities or skills...
- Significant experience in developing secure and scaleable backend APIs that contain critical or sensitive data
- Technical leadership and decision making: ie. the ability to see through tech fads and choose designs that achieve specific objectives
- Ability to give and receive useful feedback (both technical and non-technical) and to mentor more junior developers
- A passion for and comfort with building on the cutting edge, in domains where there are not pre-established "right answers" for how to do something
- Having a hacker mindset with a solid foundation of product-thinking (eg. ability to look past the specs and to synthesize what are the larger implications, whether it be technical or user-facing)
- Proactive communication in rituals like standups, code reviews, one on ones, etc
- bonus points: Understanding of functional programming and other programming styles
- bonus points: Experience in front-end dev, especially React or similar
- bonus points: Devops, AWS infrastructure
- bonus points: HL7, FHIR, or other healthcare data standards

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