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Service Pond is a company that has been founded by God-fearing men and women- this is what makes our company special. We are honest, humble, and conscientious individuals who simply want the best for everyone. Everything that we have done and will continue to do for this company is based on the premise to love our fellow neighbor- freelancers and everyone else on board. Meaning we aren't in business to make a quick buck off the backs of those who work for this company regardless of the consequences, but rather we exist to provide freedom for all- residual income for our partners, leads at a minimal commission for our freelancers, and trusted quality service from our contractors for everyone else. We pride ourselves on transparency, humility, and community- having God as the foundation of our every move.
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Freelance Broker Agent

Posted 8 months ago

Who we are looking for and at times hiring on the spot?

The Freelance Broker Agents (A.