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12traits is pioneering human understanding through psychometric-powered machine learning and injecting purpose and compassion into AI. We're a new breed of intelligence that is enabling global leaders and businesses to create human-centered experiences that resonate with customers and users more deeply than ever before. The way technology is built and used falls short of providing us with deeply rewarding experiences. Why? Because the technology of today doesn’t have the capability to truly understand and adapt to us. Behavior-based analytics tools treat us as taps and clicks instead of what we really are: human beings. These tools fail to look under the hood to understand why we do what we do and what matters to us. This is the problem 12traits solves. Rooted in clinical psychology, we leverage psychometrics and machine learning to create purpose driven compassionate AI. Our mission is to cultivate a healthy symbiosis between humans and technology to ultimately expand human awareness: the key trait allowing any living being to expand their perception and more sustainably thrive on our planet and beyond.
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Senior Data Scientist


• Perform complex statistical analyses on large data sets of unique psychometric data
• Refine our base algorithm that translates psychometric data into actionable insights for our customers
• Leverage large quantities and diverse sets of behavioral data to drive our...


Senior Software Engineer


• Refine and finalize our prototype and build the first version of our product
• Build APIs and different integrations to ingest vast amounts of unstructured behavioral as well as contextual data to fuel our machine learning algorithm (exemplary data sources: Unity, ...