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Bringing You More Clients Through Press, Media & Results Driven Digital Advertising

Lead Generation Specialist for SMM - PR - Immediate Hire

$50k – $80k • No equity
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We are an European Leading PR & Marketing Agency.

What value do we provide?

⮞ PR /Press Release to Magazines Such as Bloomberg, Forbes, Marketwatch, Time, Yahoo

⮞ Facebook & Linkedin Advertising

⮞ Online Reputation Management

⮞ PR (SEO) Marketing

We are Looking for a Professional who is able to Generate Fresh Warm Leads to Our Agency.

This is a 100% commission based role, with a great commission on appointments booked & closed.

The expected workflow is the following:

Generate Qualified Leads -> (Educate) -> Close Meeting -> Refer to us

⮞ Warm leads are those who stand ready to receive our services (a person who wants to buy, understands what we offer & needs that service now)

  • Your job is to get appointments for our sales team.
  • We offer some training & scripts, however we prefer someone who has experience.


⮞ You get the 5% of the deal sum (you bring a lead, the lead must be closed by our closers).

Our closers have +25 years of experience so if the qualiy of the leads you bring is good, they can close them & you get remunerated without having to close.


  • You bring 5 LinkedIn clients & 5 Facebook Clients.

  • Our sales close 2 Facebook & 1 Linkedin therefore:

⮞ The sum that you get is 5% of the end deal.
(Our services rank from $600 to $9k )

⮞ From those 3 clients of 7500$ , you get 375$ x 3 = 1125$ without needing to sell

  • If you get 3 deals that we close a month then you get 1125$ a month

  • If you get 3 in One Day, then you get 1125$ in one day.

We expect from you 10-15 hours a week (if that's an issue, let us know, we can accommodate)

⮞ We are looking for motivated result driven individuals.

If you are good at what you do. You will be Promoted.

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NOTE: This is a 100% Comission Based Role
If that is not okay for you, do not apply.

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Bringing You More Clients Through Press, Media & Results Driven Digital Advertising

10x East focuses on Consulting, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Business Development, and South East Asia. Their company has offices in London. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.10xeast.com or find them on LinkedIn.