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Discovery & networking platform for event goers

Discovery & networking platform for event goers

Word Largest event discovery and networking platform for event goers to network with fellow event goers, speakers, exhibitors and visitors.

People go to events to find potential customers, partners or any other associations. Due to size and number of these events, all this networking happens serendipity in the offline world.

At 10Times, we have created a platform for event goers to do networking in advance to make the event more fruitful for both sides. People can find and interact with others who are coming to the event.

Our USPs:
- World largest collection of Trade Shows and Conferences
- Revenue Model: Paying Customers
- Global Reach: highest traffic is from US followed by India & China
- Multi Platform Product

- 1 Million visitors each month and about 3 Million page views
- Over 125,000 events listed

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International sales Manager

Atul Todi

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Mayank Chowdhary

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Co-founder @10Times, Ex Co-founder @HelloTravel, Entrepreneur and Consultant