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Compaio will be the most customer-centric digital financial advisor.

With our algorithm-based, self-learning solution, we provide comprehensive and objective advice, independent of time and place. We especially value excellent user experience and transparency in the consultation process. Our goal is thus to become the first point of contact for financial products enabling customers to have the perfect product portfolio for their individual needs, whether they are products from banks, insurers or FinTechs.

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What We're Building

Compaio will be the most customer centric financial advisor. As the interface to the new world of finance, our algorithm-based, digitized financial advisor helps customers by understanding their individual requirements and recommending products that they really need, based on objective, transparent criteria.

With our holistic approach, including the areas account, insurance, financing, investment and pension, customers always have access to a real-time assessment of their individual needs and current status. Compaio therefore provides a trustworthy, digital and always available alternative to traditional brokers, intermediaries and advisors.

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compaio Team

David Meyer
CFO & Co-Founder @ compaio | Organizer @ | former banker | enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, startups & sports
Bastian Krautwald
#FinTech and #StartUp Enthusiast | Banking | Berlin
Max Neubürger
CXO & Co-Founder @compaio • Worked as Lead Product Designer at @Intuaid
Alexander Barge
CTO & Co-Founder @compaio. Building the most customer-centric financial advisor. Previously built @Founderio. Passionate about AI & FinTech.

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