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Frontend Developer at Commutatus

Chennai · Full Time
We empower people to bring innovative ideas to life. We follow the latest development methodologies to collaborate with our clients in validating their problems, refining their ideas, fabricating designs and eventually developing an exceptional product.We love what we do and are proud of our results. Over the past three years, we have delivered world-class designs and have seen an exponential growth in our work. While we are very proud by this accomplishment, we would want to push our boundaries to reach exceptional landmarks. Read More
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Job Description

You’ll work closely with designers, creating beautiful and powerful products for both small and enterprise projects. Our products have a reach of over 128 countries. Typically, you’ll be working in a team of 2 to 6 people. You’ll get to work on a new project every 8-12 weeks, meaning you get the chance to intensively build lots of fresh and different apps rather than just developing an existing product. This offers the opportunity to really own the direction of the app you’re building, engage with emerging technologies and power-up your skills.

We launch things quickly, and build beautiful web apps with solid technical foundations. We’re a very agile and fast-paced team with complimenting skill-sets, and you should be open to helping others and expanding your skills. Despite the rapid pace, we have a relaxed office environment with free lunch!

Preferred Experiences -

Must have experience in interfacing with REST APIs
Must have experience in building large scale frontends using either React or Angular 2
Must have experience working in agile projects

Required Skills -

Extensive knowledge of Javascript
Knowledge of either React or Angular 2

Preferred Skills -

HTML/CSS Mastery
Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously

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