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Music publisher enabling the monetization of remixes.

A professional music environment for anyone. Create remixes on your phone or desktop computer then sell them on iTunes and Spotify for $20 per track.

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What We're Building

CommonEdits is a music publisher that empowers independent artists to produce, license, publish, and distribute remixes.

Jobs at common edits

common edits Team

Matthew S. Lewis
Found & President of CommonEdits, Inc.

common edits Investors

Bryan Bulte
CoFounder & Chief Sumo at Seed Sumo. Investor in 28 startups (Tech and CPG). Gas Pedal, Growth Funnel Addict, and Biohacker.
DJ Monteilh
Actively investing in seed and growth stage companies with proven traction in the health and wellness space.
Samuel Wilkinson
Investor in 18 Startups. Veterinarian at Wilkinson Veterinary Clinic. Looking for projects and people that inspire me.

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