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Commendify is a global social Consumer Internet Application from India (which is quite rare to find) and we are not e-commerce. We want to ease up the process of decision making by making the review and recommendation industry more streamlined as the reviews are segregated and distributed all over the internet. So come and be a part of innovation and learning which you can get from our scale-up operation.

What We're Building

Commendify is a Socially curated recommendation and review Platform. It is a one stop shop for getting reviews and recommendations of all the products and services. Now no more one has to go through multiple google links to get the "resourceful authentic" reviews. It is bringing a new paradigm to the existing procedure of finding and writing reviews and recommendations on internet. Commendify is an application where reviews are aggregated from all the major sources of internet as currently reviews and recommendations are distributed and segregated all over the internet.

It is an app where you can increase your social influence and get rewards. We believe in Karma so more you share your knowledge, more you get benefits out of the platform. One can benefit from their valuable knowledge and expertise. We are a knowledge and experience sharing platform, we want to bring out the knowledge which till now got restricted to closed network. We want to bring the local experts on a global scale.

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Jobs at Commendify

Commendify Team

Irfan Haque
Founder @Commendify @Selectore & @WebsFort , engineering graduate, a core product developer who can get his hands dirty at both front & back-end coding

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