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Senior Frontend Developer at CommandWear

Vancouver, Greater Vancouver · Contract
Our product is very hands-on: in addition to our automated tests, we like to get out of the office to do real-world testing of our tracking and communications code. The entire team has had the opportunity to participate in field trials with public safety organizations, which has refined our understanding of how our customers will use the product. Read More
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Job Description


We are passionate about helping our first responder clients protect our communities and save lives - including their own.

Being able to see, to communicate, and to locate, are the foundations of incident management. CommandWear is delivering a software platform that integrates mobile devices, networks, and applications to enhance situation awareness.

As a result of building such a hands-on product, we aim to understand how our customers use our product in the real world. Everyone in the company has had the opportunity to participate in field trials with public safety organizations, which has given us great insights into potential new features.

Our team is always on the lookout for the latest in mobile and wearable technology and whether it can (and should) be integrated into our product to benefit first responders. It’s an exciting field that holds a lot of possibilities – and we want to bring the best solutions to our customers. Have a peak at our latest BLOG announcing a Heart Rate Monitoring & Alerting App.

CommandWear is innovating with major international public safety agencies and has won several awards including the Digital Innovation Award from the World Information Technology and Service Alliance.* Ability to write high quality, well-tested code to existing Ember and Angular 2 projects.


* Developer features in JavaScript that bridge to native Android and iOS Apps.

* A strong focus on the customer.

* Clear communicator (English). Written and spoken.

* Able to work remote (from home) but attend daily stand-ups and ad-hoc face-to-face (or virtual) meetings.


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What We're Building

CommandWear is specializing in the user experience and software for a new class of wearable devices. Our target is the global public safety & security market who are looking for better ways to maintain real-time situational awareness and reduce response times during any type of crisis/disaster or pre-planned events.

The solution is also fulfilling lone worker tracking and safety for field workers and public safety agencies. Workers can be tracked in real-time while in remote areas and they use the simple smartwatch app to check-in and send alarms when needing assistance.

The secure web app displays locations of personnel and their status in real-time, picture/video sharing, secure text messaging, and a historical event log replay capability. It works with customers' existing smartphones, tablets, PC's and can be integrated with other existing systems through a we services API.

Go to for brochures or to take it for a test drive.

CommandWear's First Responder Watch app protects first responders by integrating heart rate monitoring and alerting capabilities using smartwatches.
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CommandWear Team

Michael Morrow
CEO @CommandWear • 26 years in Global public safety market • Founder @EmerGeo Solutions and took public • BComm @University of Calgary.
Shawn Griffin
Serial Entrepreneur. Founded 3 companies, sold SpeechFront to Nuance in 2000.
Scott Bassett
Shipped Android and enterprise Java and Node.js software, startup experience

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What makes CommandWear a unique place to work at?
Flexible and fun environment. We are developing unique apps in a new category (First Responder Smartwatches) and doing our part to protect our communities and our heroes (first responders).
Michael Morrow
Investor at CommandWear
What are some of the toughest engineering problems CommandWear is facing now?
Leading the way on building secure, robust and extremely intuitive apps for wearable tech that is iterating quickly.
Michael Morrow
Investor at CommandWear

CommandWear Investors

Full Stack
A full stack of talent + tools + capital. Angel-stage investing & services special blend.