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Comet Labs

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Intelligent Machines Accelerator Fund

We invest in teams that
- Generate or utilize novel data sets to train machine learning systems which enable new applications in varying industries
- Build unique and valuable components that make up Intelligent Machine systems
- Reap the benefits of advances in Artificial Intelligence and industry knowledge to augment and rethink operations in established industries

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What We're Building

One part venture capital firm. One part experimental research lab.

We invest in and support artificial intelligence and deep technology companies transforming the world's biggest industries.

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Saman Farid
4x startup founder, in China for 15+ years, Cooper Union mechanical Engineer + Tsinghua-MIT MBA, Telecom, Clean Tech, Mobile and Consumer Electronics experience
Adam Kell
Builder! Robots and Machine Learning investing @CometLabs, Hardware @StartX. Studied at @Stanford University, @Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Mike McCormick
VC at @Comet Labs thinking about how data, AI and robotics will transform big traditional industries.
Richard L
Berkeley CS, frontend + backend, developed control panel for Openstack, connected with VC
Diego Villero
Stanford PDE, Concept to Manufacturing aficionado, developed an awesome pen, worked at Uniball in Tokyo
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