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Visual Designer at Colony

London, Earth, Remote · Full Time
Colony is building tools for a more open, collaborative, decentralized future of work. This includes an open protocol for coordinating the economic activity of a network of users, a GUI for starting and contributing to Colonies, and a library to add the Colony protocol to any application or organization. Read More
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Job Description

Colony is looking for an experienced Visual Designer to work primarily in graphic, web, and illustration (and maybe pitching in on product design concepts too). You'll be working to further define and develop Colony's brand across all channels, produce marketing collateral, and generally take ownership of the look and feel of everything that is colony (other than the product itself).

We're looking for someone who is more than just a pixel pusher. We're looking for a self motivated, business minded problem solver. Someone who is comfortable with ambiguity, and capable of defining and executing their work without management oversight, but rather accountable to the team, and our collectively agreed objectives.

In addition to a stellar portfolio, our ideal person will have an interest in blockchain technology and the future of work. Previous startup experience would be advantageous.

Compensation is negotiable, subject to location and experience.

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What We're Building

Colony is a protocol for self-organizing teams that run via software rather than paperwork. In a typical organization, the rules for decision-making, compensation, ownership, and seniority exist in documents. Colony encodes those rules in smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain. This approach to work is:

1. Trustless. The Ethereum Blockchain enforces the rules of an organization. Members can’t break the rules or change them arbitrarily at the expense of other members.
2. Open. Strangers can collaborate on a colony without formal hiring processes, contracts, or fear of being cheated. Participation is open and fluid.
3. Meritocratic. In this trustless, open system, members earn payment or ownership commensurate with their contributions to the colony.
4. Networked. Anyone can take on work in the Colony Network and be rewarded for quality output.

Put simply, Colony is infrastructure for “open organizations”: self-organizing teams that run via software, not paperwork.

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